What is Mentoring?

What is Mentoring?

This question has been a recurring contemplation for me, examined from various perspectives over time. Interestingly, my journey into mentoring and offering mentoring services was not a premeditated path.

The genesis of this mentoring venture unfolded when several practitioners, some of whom had undergone EFT and Matrix Reimprinting training under my guidance, approached me seeking mentoring and supervision. My initial reaction was one of self-doubt, as I questioned my qualifications and training credentials, among other concerns.

This situation mirrored a moment from my past when, at the age of 23, I worked as a bar manager in a hotel. The departing general manager’s role was offered to me, and my immediate response was to decline, citing my lack of formal qualifications and a hotel management degree. In response, my insightful boss chuckled and pointed out that I had already been effectively performing the duties for the past six months. Now, I would simply be getting paid for doing what I had been doing all along.

In my exploration of the term “mentoring,” I delved into various dictionary definitions, and in doing so, I came to a realization. I saw that what I had been doing with trainees and colleagues closely aligned with the essence of mentoring. Furthermore, I recognized that the qualities essential for effective mentoring mirrored those that make a proficient practitioner.

In essence, this journey has reaffirmed that the qualities inherent in being a good mentor are the same qualities that underpin success as a practitioner.

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