What is Matrix Reimprinting?

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a widely-discussed form of Meridian Tapping Therapy known for its effectiveness in addressing both emotional and physical challenges. Additionally, it can be harnessed to bring your aspirations and ambitions to fruition. Stemming from the well-known technique EFT, Matrix Reimprinting leverages the ancient traditional Chinese medicine meridian system, which has been integral to acupuncture for millennia.

EFT boasts a rich history of successfully resolving both physical and emotional well-being issues. The method involves the focused verbalization of a specific issue while simultaneously tapping on meridian points using your fingertips. This action releases accumulated stress and trauma from the body’s energy system, facilitating a return to a balanced physical and emotional state. The results of EFT have consistently been remarkable, profoundly impacting the Western medical paradigm of healing.

So, what sets Matrix Reimprinting apart from this already established technique?

Having evolved from EFT, Matrix Reimprinting incorporates some crucial distinctions. In conventional EFT, tapping on meridian endpoints aims to diminish the emotional charge of a past memory. This process ultimately allows you to recall even the most distressing and traumatic life experiences without triggering emotional distress—a highly valuable ability, as lingering negative memories can perpetuate stress and contribute to physical and emotional discomfort.

However, with Matrix Reimprinting, the memory undergoes a genuine transformation. You gain the ability to enter any past memory, express what you wish you had said and done, introduce new resources, and reshape the mental image associated with that memory. Significantly, you can also alter the belief you formed on that day.

In Matrix Reimprinting, we view these lingering negative memories as encapsulated images or holograms in your body’s energy field, which we refer to as ECHO’s (Energetic Consciousness Holograms). Until you effect this transformation, you continue to subconsciously tune into them, and they impact your beliefs, behaviours, health, well-being, and what you attract into your life. By tapping on the body’s meridians concurrently, this process is expedited.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that this process is fundamentally distinct from denying the reality of what occurred. From a quantum physics perspective, we have a multitude of potential pasts and futures, and this process simply tunes us into one that is more resourceful, all the while liberating the stress and trauma that we carry in our body, mind, and energy field due to traumatic life events.